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Safe, effective, and easy to use, The LIFE System is health optimization for the new millennium!

The LIFE System is a modern biofeedback device that works on a quantum level via information exchange with the body. 


The LIFE System identifies stress potentials within the body and applies feedback in the form of subtle frequencies to bring the body into healthy resonance.

Designed in 2001, The LIFE System is used worldwide and is FDA Registered for Stress Reduction.


Lotus Flower

As a Health and Fitness professional working in the industry for over 30 years, I have never found a system that is as elegant and effective at helping my clients get the tangible results they are looking for as the Life System. 


Life can be so challenging right now and the level of stress we are all under can be overwhelming, affecting all levels of our life. 


This intense stress causes physical, emotional and even spiritual dis-ease.  The Life System effectively assesses and balances the stress at all these levels.  The level of service and training provided by the team of professionals at Lotus has been superb. 


The system works flawlessly.  It is truly a revolutionary way to assist people with their health. 


I can't recommend the Life System and Lotus enough.  

Renee McLaughlin, Joys Of Movement

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