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  • What does The LIFE System do?
    In essence, it is an energy healing software program. The LIFE System interacts with the body’s energy field through subtle frequencies that regulate the body’s natural resonances. This is a quantum communication tool that shows what is stressing the body’s electromagnetic field and then sends harmonics for stress relief to regulate the energetic terrain of the body.
  • What is The LIFE System?
    The LIFE System is a Quantum Biofeedback Technology System which is FDA-Registered for Stress Reduction. Quantum Biofeedback communicates with the body's health through frequencies. Scan and balance stress in one energetic device.
  • Does The LIFE System work in distance?
    Yes, the program has a distance function. Distance Healing with The LIFE System utilizes the energetic link of the quantum field. This field is universal to each of us and represents information in the form of energy. It is our connection to the energetic world. When we tap into this all-pervasive energy field to communicate information this is referred to as remote or non-local healing. The LIFE System refers to this mode as metaspace. The quantum field can connect to anyone, anywhere and anything. As a collective, we utilize this field through the power of prayer, setting our positive intention on a desired outcome. There are numerous documented studies on the power of prayer for healing. In addition, scientific experiments have been done on separated DNA samples that have been proven to communicate remotely. The LIFE System software connects with the quantum field to communicate energetic coherence. When our energies are communicating healthy signals, it sets a foundation for well-being on all levels; body, mind and spirit.
  • Can I finance my LIFE System?
    Absolutely! Call us at Lotus Stress Relief (941)706-2778 and we will help guide you with the best available program.
  • Do you offer LIFE System Sessions?
    Yes, Lotus LIFE offers LIFE System sessions. Email us for more information on LIFE biofeedback sessions in distance.
  • What is the average cost of a LIFE System Session?
    LIFE System Session pricing varies depending on your location, the length of the session and the experience and expertise of your practitioner. LIFE Sessions are usually 1-1.5 hours and cost about $120/hour.
  • How long does it take to get my LIFE System?
    Your LIFE System will typically arrive just one week after you purchase.
  • Will I receive ongoing product information?
    As part of our commitment to empowering our Associates, your LIFE System purchase includes exclusive training materials and with business and marketing support. In addition to Education and Certification, you also receive membership to our Lotus LIFE Associates website and access to Lotus LIFE Huddles -- live online seminars which connect our network of Associates and provide valuable insight and information on The LIFE System.


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