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LIFE Automation Software
10-Day Trial

Lotus LIFE has simplified the details for you to smoothly receive access to the full 10-day trial time of the LIFE Automation software.


You must own a LIFE System for this to work.  This trial must be installed on the same computer as your LIFE System.

LIFE Automation is a module for LIFE System software.  It includes 22 Protocols for specifics stresses that automate your LIFE System to run unattended sessions that work!


Support Included with LIFE Automation Purchase

LIFE Automation tech support included from Biofeedback Wellness Center IT Team (includes support for trial).  


Receive a free LIFE Software update from the HET Tech with LIFE Automation purchase. ($199 value).  To update your LIFE Software contact HET by email:



Computer Operating System:

Windows 10 or Windows 11 (recommended)

(If you don't know, search your computer for System Information.)


Compatible LIFE System Software Versions for LIFE Automation: 

Open your LIFE System software, click continue and check the lower right screen for the version number.


Compatible LIFE Software Versions:

2019.11.05 & 2019.07.30

LIFE Software Version 1 compatible with LIFE.jpg
LIFE Software Version 2 compatible with LIFE.jpg

Access LIFE Automation 10-Day Trial

Please take a moment to fill out the form to receive the download link.

Click the link to access your free LIFE Automation 10-day trial!

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