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What is LIFE System Automation?

New LIFE System software module automates your LIFE biofeedback sessions.  

The LIFE Automated software has 22 LIFE Protocols for easy stress relief including immune, pain, digestion, energy and emotional balance. 

Automation gives you the ability to initiate quantum biofeedback sessions in just seconds!  And you can schedule sessions in the future.

Effective protocols for the most common stressors, so you can help more people heal & expand your wellness business.  

*Metaspace function only.  *LIFE System required.
"LIFE Automation is a Health & Wellness Game-Changer!"

How it Works

Pick Your Package

Choose from 5, 10, 16 or the complete 22 LIFE Protocols.

Place Order

Call Lotus LIFE or Shop Online 

-Remote Installation

-View Lotus Training Video

Run LIFE Automation

Run & Schedule Clients

Less Time, More Healing

LIFE Automation | Packages

LIFE Automation Basic Training Included:
  • LIFE Automation Training Video
  • Session Log

Have questions? Reach out to our Lotus LIFE team!

"Innovate your LIFE System practice!"
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