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LIFE System Biofeedback Practitioners:

Help More Clients Heal, Save Time & Elevate Income!


LIFE Automation Panel – 10 Protocols

New software module automates LIFE System sessions.  


LIFE Protocols address the most common stressors to support client well-being between LIFE System sessions.  Run yourself, family, pets, friends and clients on The LIFE System in seconds!  Automation takes a minimal amount of time and can elevate your income exponentially!


LIFE Automated software offers 22 Protocols to automatically run LIFE biofeedback.  Purchase all 22 Protocols or select 5, 10 or 16 LIFE Protocols of your choice.


LIFE Automation Training Details:

  • Easy to learn.
  • Exclusive training materials from Lotus LIFE.
  • Basic & Intermediate Training included with purchase.


Help more clients heal & expand your wellness business!!

Click here to purchase the complete LIFE Automation 22 Protocols.

LIFE Automation Panel - 10 Protocols

    • Run or schedule clients for LIFE System sessions anytime.
    • LIFE Automation Protocols run for approx. 40 to 80 minutes.
    • Select 10 LIFE Protocols of your choice.
    • Once purchased, you will be directed to a form to select your protocols. 
    • Upgrades to the complete 22 protocol software available.
    • LIFE System Software
    • Windows 10 or 11 operating system
    • Compatible LIFE Software versions:  2019.11.05 & 2019.07.30 (View on LIFE Navigation profile.)
    • LIFE System software upgrade free with LIFE Automation software purchase ($199 value). 
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